Our History and Accomplishments

UT CLEE Tree and LogoFor over 25 years, the Center for Literacy, Education and Employment’s purpose has always focused on supporting individuals to access the knowledge, skills, and opportunities they need to flourish in an increasingly complex and interconnected world.

Founded in 1988 as the Center for Literacy Studies (CLS), the Center’s original charge  was to link interdisciplinary efforts within the University with practitioners  in the field of adult literacy. Throughout the next 15 years, the Center gained national recognition for its work in linking theory and practice through research, professional  development, partnerships, and building and sharing the knowledge of the field.

In 2005, the Center expanded this charge to include lifelong literacy and support to K-12 education and in 2010, the Center strengthened its capacity in the areas of both workforce development and support of individuals with disabilities through a merger with the then UT Center for Disability and Employment (CDE).

Our new name, The Center for Literacy, Education, and Employment launched in 2012, recognizes the Center’s expanded scope and capacity, while preserving our heritage of quality research, services and support for ALL individuals as life-long learners and active members  of families, communities, and workplaces.