Tammy LaPoint-O’Brien

Tammy LaPoint-O-Brien
Business Coordinator



Tammy LaPoint-O’Brien is a regional Account Representative with the Corporate Connections Program.  In this role she works as a business consultant, providing services to increase employment opportunities for individuals served by the Tennessee Department of Human Services, Division of Rehabilitation Services.  Tammy conducts outreach and marketing activities to promote the benefits of employing people with disabilities within the business community.  She provides professional development and employment services to assist Tennessee businesses in recruiting, hiring and retaining qualified employees.  As a regional employment resource, Tammy is located in the state office building in Nashville and has been in this role since August, 2014.

Tammy has a Master’s Degree in Education in the areas of training and curriculum development, with a literacy focus.  She has a background in business, social media, and career development.  Her previous experience has been in industry, state government and non-profits. She is well connected with Nashville business leaders.  She has experience in workforce development through her ongoing volunteer work as a trainer and consultant for job seekers participating in a large Transition/Networking group in Nashville.