Support for diversity and inclusion is a value at the core of the Center for Literacy, Education and Employment (CLEE).  In addition, we determine the direction of our work by listening to and learning from practitioners, policymakers, business leaders and community leaders, as well as the academic community. As a result, the Center has a long history of involvement in advocacy efforts in the fields of literacy, education and employment, particularly those focused  on supporting ALL individuals to flourish in an increasingly complex and interconnected world.

In addition to developing and conducting trainings and materials in support of advocacy and awareness efforts, the Center encourages staff to participate in advocacy organizations as a part of their work.



Examples of Our Advocacy and Awareness efforts:

Partnership with NCL: 2012 Adult Education and Family Literacy Week
CLEE supports the National Coalition for Literacy in this national effort to raise public awareness of  adult education and family literacy and support increased access to adult  education and family literacy programs.

The World Comes to Tennessee (2004) Tennessee ESOL Support Practitioners
Designed to raise awareness of issues faced by advanced English language learners and to aid adult education practitioners in supporting these learners as they transition into GED instruction, postsecondary education or workplace settings.

Lessons from the Holocaust (1998) Lisa White Smith, Ed.
A collection of resources, ideas, and suggestions for teaching important lessons of community awareness and social responsibility to adult education students as a tool for taking action against prejudice, discrimination, and acts of hatred as exemplified by the events in Europe from 1933-1945 known as “The Holocaust.”

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Examples of Advocacy Organizations Affiliated with the Center/Center staff:

Knoxville Area Employment Consortium (KAEC)

National Coalition for Literacy (NCL)

Commission on Adult Basic Education  (COABE)

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