Self-Advocacy and Career Planning

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Developed for use with a wide range‚ of student academic and vocational abilities and based on the principles of‚  self-determination, the Self Advocacy curriculum helps students discern‚  their interests and abilities, learn more about post-secondary options, make‚  choices and decisions, and chart a career and life course into their future.

Teachers, guidance counselors and others who take the‚ curriculum training will be expected to set up a program of classroom instruction using‚  the Self Advocacy curriculum, conduct the class within a 9-week period, use the pre-tests and post-tests to generate data and report the data to the‚ Center for Literacy, Education and Employment.

By choosing to use the Self Advocacy curriculum, teachers are acting on their belief that every student can be‚ successful and productive in their lives, and are promoting learning environments‚  that will help students develop and reach career and other post-secondary‚  goals.

Self-Advocacy Flyer

Services include:

  • Basic training that qualifies teachers and other school personnel to use the Self Advocacy curriculum.‚  A $125 fee covers materials and follow up support.
  • Intensive coaching for selected school systems.
  • Direct assistance to students in developing self-advocacy upon request.

To learn more about using the Self Advocacy curriculum, please contact the Center’s School and Family Team