Disability Employment Resources

The Center is committed to developing systems of support for individuals with disabilities seeking employment. As part of that commitment, we provide services and resources that strengthen employment support agencies and build community awareness of disability employment issues.

Examples of our work include:

Support to TN Community Rehabilitation Service Providers
In partnership with the Department of Rehabilitation Services, the Center’s Regional Employment Consultants provide training and support to those Community Rehabilitation Service Providers and TN rehabilitation services staff offering supported employment and job placement services for individuals with disabilities.

Disability and Diversity Awareness
Outreach to educators, employers, and the community has been embedded in several past and current projects of the Center.

Support to Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals
In a previous partnership with Southeast TACE (Technical Assistance and Continuing Education Center), staff at CLEE delivered customized consultation and training for vocational rehabilitation professionals throughout the southeastern Unites States.

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