Adult English Language Learners


English langauge literacy for adult learners (known variously as ESL, ESOL. ELL, etc.) is a critical component of acculturation, civic participation, and meaningful employment for many individuals in the United States. The Center’s work in this area seeks to strengthen the capacity of practitioners to help students communicate effectively in English and become successful members of the English-speaking community. In addition, our work endeavors to provide a two-way bridge of cultural understanding between English language learners and the community at large.

Current interests within English Langauge Learning include:

  • Successful transitions from ESOL learning to classes for secondary credential, post-secondary study, and/or employment.
  • Addressing the Common Core State Standards in ESOL instruction
  • US Citizenship and EL Civics instruction
  • Aligning instruction and assessment for improved student outcomes
  • Effective use of technology in ESOL instruction

Click on the links below for examples of our work:

BEST Plus Assessment Training
Staff at the Center are licensed to provide BEST Plus Assessment training to practitioners in Tennessee (other locations as negotiated). Our trainers maintain certification through the Center for Applied Linguistics’ rigorous training and evaluation process, and regularly conduct assessments with ESOL learners in local programs.

Tennessee ESOL Program and Curriculum Guide

    • Volume 1: Administrative and Instructional Procedures (2010)
      Contains information on how to organize, implement, and sustain an ESOL program, as well as methodologies and resources for supervisors and teachers in the areas of assessing language skills and needs, analyzing assessment results, developing and implementing instruction, and evaluating learning using a research-based approach.
    • Volume 2: Instructional Support (2010) – Tennessee ESOL Competencies
       Companion to volume 1, this tool contains detailed instructions, materials, and samples on how to align instruction with test item indicators and competencies.

The World Comes to Tennessee (2004) Tennessee ESOL Support Practitioners
Designed to raise awareness of issues faced by advanced English language learners, and to aid adult education practitioners in supporting these learners as they transition into GED instruction, postsecondary education or workplace settings.

Tennessee ESOL in the WorkPlace  (2003)
A training manual developed in cooperation with the Tennessee Labor and Workforce Development Office of Adult Education designed to prepare both ESOL program supervisors and instructional staff to launch successful workplace initiatives in business and  industries.

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